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  • Featured

  • GPT on my files


    Get your questions answered on any PDF, CSV, or audio files with GPT

  • Categorize text


    AI to categorize data with predefined list of categories

  • GPT on my website


    Get answers to your questions about any website.

  • Integrations

  • Video to Text (GPT-4 Vision)

    Ask AI to analyse a video. This tool can take a while to run depending on the length of the video.

  • Run SQL on Relevance data

    Run a SQL query against Relevance's data/knowledge

  • Google Cloud: Cloud Vision OCR

    Perform OCR on Image and PDF using Google Cloud

  • Linear: Retrieve recent tickets

    Retrieve recent tickets in linear

  • DuckDB: Run SQL on files

    Run a SQL query against files like CSV, JSON and parquet using duckdb

  • Hackernews: Search

    Search hackernews

  • Postgres: SQL Query

    Run a SQL query against a postgres database

  • Image to Text (GPT4 Vision)

    Ask AI to analyse an image

  • Slack: Post message

    Post a message to a slack channel

  • Slack: Retrieve messages

    Retrieve recent messages from a slack channel

  • Elastic Cloud: Elasticsearch Query

    Run an elasticsearch query against Elastic Cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure: Form Recognizer OCR

    Perform OCR on Image and PDF using Microsoft Azure

  • Linear: Create ticket

    Creates a ticket in linear

  • Snowflake: SQL Query

    Run a SQL query against a snowflake database

  • MySQL: Query

    Run a SQL query against a mysql database

  • MotherDuck: SQL Query

    Run a SQL query against a motherduck's duckdb database

  • Knowledge Integration

  • Knowledge: Linear

    Adds all Linear tickets in a team to knowledge.

  • Knowledge: Google Play Store reviews

    Adds all reviews for a Google Play Store app to knowledge.

  • Knowledge: Slack

    Adds all Slack threads from a channel to knowledge.

  • Knowledge: Steam

    Adds Steam reviews for a game to knowledge.

  • Marketing

  • Compare webpages

    Analyze and contrast two webpages in a report.

  • SEO Optimized Blog Post Generator

    Auto-generate SEO optimized blog posts based on a few key inputs. See how this AI Tool works 👉 http...

  • Get feedback to webpage copy

    Get AI to provide feedback on your webpage's copy

  • Website to brand identity

    Get a company's brand identity from their website including their brand voice & tone, messaging, aud...

  • Youtube video -> Blog

    Generate blog based on youtube video link. The generated blog will be in html format.

  • Improve LinkedIn posts

    Get three variations of a draft LinkedIn post to increase the chance that it resonates

  • PAS framework

    Problem-Agitate-Solution is a marketing framework for writing copy.

  • BAB framework

    Before-After-Bridge is a marketing framework commonly used in email marketing campaigns.

  • AIDA framework

    AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is a marketing framework designed to get the users attent...